Socar Haor Modernization- Azerbaijan – Russia

Socar Haor Modernization- Azerbaijan - Russia

Project Requirements:

Structural Bolt with hex nut and washer EN14399-3 CL 8.8HR / EN14399-3 CL 8HR / EN14399-5 - H

Project Start Date


Project Location


Supplier QTY

100 Tons

About the project

For the project of modernization and reconstruction (Package A) of the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR) owned by SOCAR, whose scope is install new processing units and upgrade the refinery facilities to increase the production capability, LUXSOLAR has been contacted both in 2018 and again in 2019 for the supply of complete LED Aircraft Warning Lights systems installed on different structures. 

The AWL systems provided are both suitable for hazardous (potentially explosive) area and suitable to be installed on marked structures (painted with red/white stripes) with an height between 45m and 105m; the beacons supplied infact are suitable for night only mode: Medium Intensity Type B (MIOL-B) red flashing 2.000cd for the top of structure and Low Intensity Type B (LIOL) red steady burning 32cd for the middle level of structure.

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